There may be many big questions :
  • How can I bring all my HR operations under one umbrella and expand good governance ?
  • How can I further reduce my IT and operations costs for my business ?
  • How can I focus on my core HR activities than IT and other support areas ?
  • How can I track my HR operations - payroll, appraisals, leave and attendance management, personnel records & administration and satisfy my clients and employees ?
There is one answer :
Hook on to BIZPLUS HRM Cloud.
  • Immediate Access to the cloud and complete configurability of operations.
  • Manage all 5 Ps - Employees personnel records, payroll, productivity of staff, protection of security and performance of staff globally in the cloud.
  • Get 360 degree view of Resources and manage multiple companies with huge capability of digitisation of records as well as appropriate approval mechanism.
  • Alerts for your business management in addition to Business and operations dashboards
Personnel Management
  • Configurable business operations master data and controls which include companies, employees, holidays, tax and salary heads and banks setup.
  • Ability to setup multiple business setups to be managed under one umbrella to support the central HR model.
  • Capable of providing HR managed or Self Service based or Hybrid models.
  • Recruitment, On-boarding and Exit management based on checklists and stages tracking.
  • Ability to upload all records of employees into the system and provide a 360 degree view of all employee centric activities.
  • New candidate requests, approvals and their on-boarding management.
Payroll Management
  • Flexible financial years definition and pay periods for payroll processing.
  • Configurable tax and salary heads and rules based salary heads computations with limits set in addition to banks configuration. Ability to define standard heads for earnings and deductions.
  • Ability to define different salary templates for various levels and configurable approvals for any salary revision. History of all salary structures & revisions are maintained.
  • Extensive Income tax declarations for employees and tax working sheets for TDS computations.
  • Interface to all salary computation inputs from productivity areas.
  • Loans, reimbursements and overtime management.
Productivity Management
  • Attendance recording in four different models to suit various businesses. Integration of biometrics based attendance recording systems.
  • Various types of leaves setup with quota and recording of the employee leaves based on their eligibility.
  • Ability to record and manage on duty, permissions and compensatory off with appropriate approvals setup.
  • Capable of earned leave computations and management.
  • Rules setup for attendance, leave and permissions management.
  • Overtime eligibility, rates and setup and hours recording.
Performance Management
  • Ability to define performance ratings and their definitions.
  • Manage various performance templates for various levels.
  • Upto 3 level reviews for employee performance reviews.
  • Capable of defining various competencies and goals for employees for current and next review periods.
  • Able to record, track employee developmental goals, training needs.
  • End-to-end tracking from initiation and then follow up of pending appraisals until closure of appraisals at all 3 levels or stages.
Protection Management
  • Visitor register management to record all visitors and their engagements.
  • Key register management to record all key releases and returns by the individuals.
  • Vehicle register management to record all incoming and outgoing vehicles in and out of the business operations premises.
  • Delivery register management to record all couriers, parcels and other deliveries targeted to the internal department staff to ensure their deliveries.
  • Employee access register to manage all the staff movements in and out of business operations entry and exit gates.
  • Call register to record and manage outsider calls looking for staff for sales & services.
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