There may be many big questions :
  • How can I expand my operations to other cities or countries faster with good governance ?
  • How can I further reduce my IT and operations costs for my business and focus on my core areas?
  • How can I have control over my financial flows and commitments of all my institutions ?
  • How can I track my staff efficiency and students' stay & performance ?
There is one answer :
Hook on to BIZPLUS IMS Cloud.
  • Immediate Access to the cloud and complete configurability of operations.
  • Manage your institutions and their entire structures including hostels, libraries, stores, classrooms, canteens, etc.
  • Track Staff and Students' Performances as against goals.
  • Manage your collections and payment commitments.
  • Alerts for your business management & operations dashboards.
Institution Management
  • Ability to set up your institution, courses, classes, departments, different education systems.
  • Record and track your assets like buildings, labs, class rooms and their inventories.
  • Manage your stores and canteen with their inventories and collections.
  • Capability to monitor your guest houses, security and fleets.
  • Extensive students application, enrolment, attendance, academics and collection.
  • Excellent staff management including attendance, performance and payroll.
  • Management and Operations dashboards and alerts for exceptions management.
Hostel Management
  • Able to setup multiple Hostels, rooms and other facilities.
  • Manage student enrolments along with rooms and mess allocations.
  • Students collections based on Mess, other facilities and guest charges.
  • Capable of managing separate libraries for hostels.
  • Track pending rooms and manage the inventories.
  • Complete billing and collection management.
Library Management
  • Able to setup multiple libraries and staff assignment to manage them.
  • Excellent Books, Magazines, CD/DVD or other loan items management.
  • Member of different plan groups can be added with different quotas for flexible subscriptions management.
  • Ability to define multiple plan types, their quotas, overdue charges, etc.
  • Track the loans and returns, non moving items, retirement of items.
  • Record and maintain member preferences, reminders and booking delivery tracking.
  • Dashboards and alerting mechanisms for operations and management.
Management & Governance
  • Able to track the institution performance based on both academic and monetary performances.
  • Track Hostel occupancy, collections and performance.
  • A single view of the library utilisation and outstanding.
  • Overall outstanding payments in various areas at a glance for better financial management.
  • Alerts and Scheduled reports for various areas.
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