There may be many big questions :
  • How can I expand my operations to other cities or countries faster with good governance ?
  • How can I further reduce my IT and operations costs for my business and focus on my core areas?
  • How can I continue to produce or sell profitable products and maintain my service quality commitments ?
  • How can I track my supply chain efficiency & warehouse usage and satisfy my clients' expectations ?
There is one answer :
Hook on to BIZPLUS SCM Cloud.
  • Immediate Access to the cloud and complete configurability of operations and users with controls.
  • Manage Principles, Customers, OEM/Suppliers and their operations globally in the cloud.
  • Product Cards, Inventory Controls, Serial Numbers and Location Management for goods.
  • Plants, Machines, Operations, Operators and Productivity Management.
  • Controlled Purchase and Sales execution and management with configurable approvals.
  • Alerts for your business management and review business & operations dashboards.
Procurement Management
  • Purchase Requisitions (Capital and Non-capital items) with appropriate approvals.
  • Purchase Ordering & Amendments to Supplier/OEM with appropriate approvals, price compare and history along with complete digital store of support documents to facilitate approvals.
  • Tracking of Shipping Orders / Delivery Schedules till delivery to Warehouse/Stores (including Bonded and Private Warehouses).
  • Inventory and delivery tracking of sub-contractors and service providers.
  • Configurable Rentals, Charges, Insurance and Handling charges for service providers.
  • Raw material & Components re-ordering / refill system to support & prompt purchase activities.
  • Supplier/OEM invoices, payments and pending bills management with aging.
  • Information Alerts and scheduled reports can be delivered to configured emails./li>
Inventory Management
  • Excellent goods receipts, despatches, transfers, repairs/salvages, recycling, scrap and stock adjustment management to maintain the stock inventories of products.
  • Capability to manage good and bad products, serialised, individual and bulk stocks in addition to barcode support & location management.
  • 360 degree view of the product movements using product cards and various document stages in supply chain.
  • Tracking of stocks at various stock points such as Stores, Production/WIP, Sub-contractors and Rejection areas in addition to maintaining Raw material, Customer and Scrap stocks.
  • Physical stocks management and reconciliation, various stock adjustments at various stock points.
  • Extensive Product Inspection parameter settings and Quality approvals.
  • Capable of managing all materials including Raw Materials, Semi-Finished, Finished, Consumables, Moulds/Dies, Gauges, Machines, Maintenance Spares, Welfare items.
Production Management
  • Complete Bill of Materials Tree Setup with various stages, linked to operations and able to define the waste and rejection percentages.
  • Capability to issue and return material to and from production in addition to handle rejection, salvage and scrap.
  • Ability to record all productions from various stages along with rejection details including various rejection types.
  • Machines utilisation, Production, Breakdown, Idle or No Plan recording with various breakdown types.
  • Efficiency analysis based on plant, shift, operator, operation, machine and production units to derive OEE.
  • Production planning and material planning based on customer and production scheduling.
  • Cycle time based productivity analysis and incentive computations for various production and support groups.
Sales Management
  • Extensive types of Invoicing support for Bought out, Labour Contract, Export, Supplementary and Barcode based products.
  • Customer Taxes configuration at various levels and calculation orders and dependencies defined.
  • Sales target setups for Business, Branch, Area and Sales Persons level and tracking.
  • Customer Invoices, Payments and Pending Bills tracking along with aging.
  • Profitability analysis based on sales and purchase along with value added costs.
  • Customer Schedules recording, Tracking and Sales gap analysis based on Schedule, Revision, Commitment and Deliveries.
  • Excise and Statutory department payments computations and support.
  • Distributors Management including integrated sales and collections support system for them.
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